Dental Professionals: Want to feel better in your body? This website is for you!

Welcome to Yoga for Dentists | Stretches for Dentists
Hey There! I’m Dr. Josie Dovidio, long-time dentist and certified yoga teacher.
Here’s what you can expect on this website:

Yoga for Dentists offers yoga and meditation to help “undo” what dentistry does to our body, mind and soul. It will also feature inspirational mindset articles, products, services and a variety of other content to help you live your best life.

When you start taking care of yourself, you’ll have more energy and better deal with the stress inherent in the practice of dentistry. You will be more patient, more positive. And the benefits of your yoga journey will begin to affect those around you: your family, your team at work and your patients!

Consider subscribing to this website (it’s free) and share it with your dental friends. Helping other dentists live better lives is a great way to give back to the dental community!

Don’t worry if you’re not flexible or can’t do yoga poses perfectly. You don’t have to be perfect. Progress over perfection!

Josie Dovidio, DDS
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There’s a podcast too!

Yoga for Dentists podcast is for wellness-minded dental professionals.

Host Dr. Josie Dovidio, a general dentist since 1997 and certified yoga teacher, offers guided meditations designed specifically for dental professionals. She also interviews dental industry leaders as well as experts in the health and wellness, about setting dental professionals up for success and longevity in both their careers and their lives!

Listen on your favorite podcast app or peruse the full library here.

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Published by Yoga for Dentists

Dr. Josie Dovidio is a long-time dentist and certified yoga teacher who took a sabbatical from clinical dentistry to address health issues related to prolonged stress. She now helps dental professionals "undo" what dentistry does to the body, mind and soul through her Yoga for Dentists community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel and Podcast.

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