Back and Shoulder Stretch with Eagle Pose Variation

Last month I posted a video on the Yoga for Dentists YouTube Channel showing how to do Eagle Pose (a shoulder stretch) during the clinical day, even while wearing PPE!

You can watch it here:

This video received a lot of nice feedback in the private Facebook group, so today I wanted to show you a way to stretch your shoulders in the evening.

Avoid these poses if you have a shoulder injury or consult with your physician before attempting these.

Prone Back and Shoulder Stretch with Yoga Block
  • Place a yoga block in front of you, place both of your upper arms and elbows on the block, with hands in prayer pose.
  • Sink into your shoulders and see how that feels.
Eagle Pose Variation
  • To go into a deeper stretch: Place a yoga block in front of you, place one arm on the block with palm facing up, cross your other arm over near the elbow.
  • Bend both arms at the elbow and see if you can get the palms of your hands to touch each other. It would really be helpful to review the Eagle Pose video posted above to see this in action.
  • Unwind your arms to release.

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Items pictured in this post:

Because people often email me to ask, I’m going to start including anything in the photos that might be of interest:

Yoga block:

Yoga mat:

Yoga pants by Colorful Koala:

Yoga top by Mippo:

Yoga bra by Queenieke:

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Published by Yoga for Dentists

Dr. Josie Dovidio is a long-time dentist and certified yoga teacher who took a sabbatical from clinical dentistry to address health issues related to prolonged stress. She now helps dental professionals "undo" what dentistry does to the body, mind and soul through her Yoga for Dentists community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel and Podcast.

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