Queen Pose: Yoga for Tight Hips & Sleep

Queen pose (reclining bound angle pose) is a great way to open tight hips, stretch your groin and get ready for a luxurious sleep. This is one of my favorite yoga poses!

Queen pose is also known as reclining bound angle pose. This is an excellent pose if you are having sleep issues or want to cultivate your dream world. It is also a wonderful hip opener. If you can, do this pose daily for at least 5 minutes and up to 20 minutes. Don’t be surprised if you end up so relaxed that you fall asleep.

Bring a blanket and 2 pillows to your mat. Fold your blanket so that it is about 3-4 inches high and 5-6 inches wide. Position the buttocks on the floor and lie down in a way that the long blanket supports the whole spine.

Bend the knees and splay them out to the sides, bringing the soles of the feet together. Place your cushions under the thighs so that the legs are higher than they would normally be without support.

If this pose feels too intense, you can also set yourself up with a bolster supported by yoga blocks. Place one yoga block on its tallest length and another one about 6 inches in front of it on its side. Then place your bolster on top of the blocks.

Position the buttocks on the floor up against the edge of the bolster and lie back. Again, use your cushions under the thighs so that your groin area feels a nice stretch without it being too intense.

In fact, on any given day, try either set up and see which one feels better in your body.

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Once you’re settled in, practice a pranayama technique like Box Breathing. Pranayama is the yoga practice of breath control. In my experience, simple pranayama techniques are an easy way to start your meditation journey as it teaches you to sit quietly and focus on your breath while you learn to observe your thoughts as they pass by.

To come out of the pose, use your hands and bring your thighs together and then roll over to your side. Use your hands to prop yourself up.

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Dr. Josie Dovidio is a long-time dentist and certified yoga teacher who took a sabbatical from clinical dentistry to address health issues related to prolonged stress. She now helps dental professionals "undo" what dentistry does to the body, mind and soul through her Yoga for Dentists community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel and Podcast.

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