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Dr. Laura Vaughn Testimonial

April 14, 20233 min read

"Josie’s program is designed in a way that makes sense, is manageable, and has been completely successful for a busy female dentist like myself." - Dr. Vaughn

Client Testimonial: Laura Vaughn, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Kansas

"After 15 years of dentistry, I hit a wall. I bought an existing pediatric office in 2018 and felt like I was just getting into my stride when COVID hit. By late fall of 2021, I was burned out and dreaming daily of being a travel writer. Or a stay at home mom. Or really anything that wasn’t pediatric dentistry, anything that could successfully get me far, far away from screaming patients, untrusting parents, and ungrateful employees. I struggled to find the energy to fix problems, and the simplest question or request would instantly derail me. I felt like I had a constant reel of “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” on repeat in my head. I could see my increasing unhappiness and negativity through the eyes of my family, my friends, and my team, but didn’t know how to fix it. I was already exercising daily. I tried going on vacation, which helped a little. I tried talking to a therapist for awhile, and then another. I tried some anti-anxiety meds, and some anti-depressants. I kept buying books to self-help myself but could never get past the first chapter. I felt like I was doing all the “right” things, all the time, but I was spinning my wheels. I lost my purpose. I lost ME. 

Crown of Wellness Testimonial | Laura Vaughn, DDS

In March of 2022, I traveled to visit my new baby nephew in Mississippi. It was an amazing weekend reconnecting with my Mom and my brother and spending time with extended family. As I was sitting in the airport waiting for my return flight, I knew something had to change. Josie’s free intro webinar had been bookmarked on my phone for awhile, but I could never find the time to watch it. So I finally clicked on it, and found myself crying in the airport terminal (under my mask, of course). Her words seemingly jumped out of the screen and grabbed ahold of my shoulders, that’s how much they spoke to me. Especially the line “My practice is doing well and my family life is fine, but mismanaged stress is killing me.” OMG, she gets it. She gets ME. So I took a deep breath, wiped away my tears (and changed my mask), and signed up for a phone call right as I was sitting there in the airport. 

Josie’s program is designed in a way that makes sense, is manageable, and has been completely successful for a busy female dentist like myself. (That stack of unread self-help books I tried to get through? She’s read them all and has constructed a step-by-step plan so I don’t have to do it myself.)  With her help, I have found the beauty in slowing down. I’ve realized the importance of taking the time to find out what makes me happy. And in doing so, I have regained control over my life. I am calmer, happier, and am better equipped to deal with the next inevitable difficult situation. Somewhere along the way a flip got switched and I found ME again, and I am forever grateful. Thank you Josie!" 

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