Josie Dovidio DDS, RYT500

I have been a dentist since 1997 and I have the bad posture to prove it. I’m currently on sabbatical to “straighten things out”.

During my sabbatical, I decided to complete one of the items on my bucket list – I became a Registered Yoga Teacher.

My work with dentists lead me to become a Certified Wellness Consultant. I now help dentists strategize how to best live their life so they can enjoy their careers. To learn more, click here.

As a dentist, I was a guest on several dental industry podcasts. I had such a great time on those shows that it sparked a flame in me. I currently host two podcasts, Yoga for Dentists and Josieology, which you can find on your favorite podcast listening app!

I am wife to a supportive man who didn’t seem too surprised when I woke up one day and said, “I think I’m going to get my Yoga Teacher Training certification.”

Two people call me mom, and even though they’re teenagers, I still have days where I get surprised, “Oh yeah, that’s me!”

As a gluten-free eater (not by choice, I’m Sicilian for Pete’s sake), I often eat lunch and dinner foods for breakfast (including leftovers) and wish everyone could experience this freedom. 

I love reading and learning new things. Therefore, I always have multiple books in progress. I guess I have literary ADD. See some of the books I recommend by clicking here.

I love routine. Until I’m bored, then I love excitement. Until I’m overwhelmed, then I love routine.

I am an extroverted introvert, which means I’ll either talk your ear off like I’ve had 7 cups of coffee or I’m in silent observation of the intricacies of humanity. There is really no in-between.

I have been in a legit parade on Bourbon Street, New Orleans (marching band, police escorts, the works!) and I didn’t have to flash anyone to make it happen.

I have an extreme fondness for gifs and memes. Share your favorites with me on the Yoga for Dentists Facebook Group or Instagram. You just might see yours appear there!

I am a flawed human, saved by grace, and with that comes joy, pain, ecstasy, grief, gratitude, and days of just … blah.

Who I am is continually evolving – and that, to me, is the most exciting part!

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